Blackpaint 33

De Kooning

There’s something he’s got that is inimitable – by me, anyway.  That pastelly light green and yellow combination, with the raspberry smears and the black that gouges into the thick paint of the background, whatever the colour.  I’ve got the colours, some of them anyway – a good green, a yellow still a bit too much like cheap old vanilla ice cream but getting there – but my stuff just lies there, pastelly and inert, whereas HIS stuff wriggles and writhes and slithers around over the canvas.  Fucking pastel colours, make me sick to look at them.  I’ll come back to it tomorrow and force it to move around a bit and stick something retina-burning in somewhere, like tabasco.  It’s probably time I chucked the acrylic and started to use some lovely, creamy oils.  Expensive though.


Listened to the 2nd Chamber Symphony again, and the Falstaff figure is definitely in there – but to say its built around it is an exaggeration.  It pops up maybe 4 or 5 times.

Also the Mass in B minor – think I prefer it to the Matthew Passion; today, anyway.




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