Blackpaint 52

Leonardo and Michelangelo Drawings

Some time ago, Blackpaint 16 it was, I posted some stuff about the shading techniques employed by the above, and other artists.  it was pretty thin, to do with the directions their shading lines took and no doubt you could contradict my findings by using different examples.  Nevertheless, it’s seen much more traffic that any of the other topics I’ve tagged up (not saying much, I know) and I suppose that’s some indicator of relative levels of public interest in figurative and abstract or conceptual art, which is what I blog about most of the time.  There don’t seem to be search engines patrolling for references to Abstract Expressionism, or De Stijl, or St.Ives, pitching the unsuspecting trawler up on my sandbank – even if it immediately sails away.

Gestural Painting

Once you start this stuff, it becomes difficult to stop.  Everything I turn out now seems to be wild and smeared and rough and splotchy and scraped and very BLACK – all of which is OK sometimes – but  I think it’s time to stop now and do something proper, as my friends call it; something which looks like something, a landscape or portrait, maybe of a dog or cat, something with lots of detail in it that looks as if it was quite difficult to do, or even looks like a photograph… Nah, fuck it.  Back tomorrow, in a better mood possibly.

Listening to “Jack Shit George” by Ian Dury.

“What did you learn in school today?  Jack Shit.

Soon as the teacher turns away – that’s it.”



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