Blackpaint 72


Ran out of canvases earlier in week and I can’t afford any more for a while, so I’ve been recycliing some old crap that I never really liked.  This has actually proved better than buying new ones, because you have to go over the old surface, sometimes several times, and you get thicker texture and layering – whether you want it or not.  Results are actually quite OK I think, so goodbye thin world forever (or at least, til I can pay for some new canvas).

Paul Nash

Will soon get to Dulwich for this, I hope, but in the meantime I’ve been looking at his stuff in the Tate catalogue of the 2003 exhibition.  The thing that came across to me most strongly was the stillness in his paintings.  With the exception of “Battle of Britain”, there seems to be no movement at all; WWI searchlights look frozen, birds in the sky appear to be motionless – “the Flight of the Magnolia” looks more like the float of the magnolia.  There are a couple of exceptions – the “sunflower” pictures have a spin to them and “Tench Pond in a Gale” has the diagonal lines, but for the most part, they have the stillness of sculpture.

The other thing was the way the vapour trails in “Battle of Britain” echo, or mirror, the shapes in “Magnolia” and “Nocturnal Landscape”; I think he had these shapes in his head and they find their way onto his canvas, whatever the subject – bit Plato’s forms, really….



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