Blackpaint 81

I’ve just had a revelation, which is that hardly anybody has read anything that I’ve written in the last 4 months!  All the traffic I’ve been getting goes to Blackpoint 16, where people look at the Michelangelo pics and leave.  That being so, I’m going to carry on, but only write brief entries.

Raphael drawing

Of the woman’s head, was in the news earlier in week – “should it be saved for the nation?” story.  I was interested to see that for the most part, he shades like Mick, diagonal lines, top right to bottom left.  Some almost vertical but mostly as described (see – what else? – Blackpaint 16).

Malcolm in the Middle

Quote:  “He’s a true artist.  Like a true artist, he’ll do almost anything for money.”

Listening to “no More Sad Refrains” by Sandy Denny.

“I won’t linger over any tragedies that were,

I won’t be singing any more sad refrains.”



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