Blackpaint 83

Ad Reinhardt

Quote of the week from above: “Art is art; everything else is everything else”.  I think that about sums it all up.

Thomas Demand

Great name; like Fischli and Weiss, he creates perfect facsimiles of reality – only he makes them out of treated paper, as miniatures.

Chris Ofili

I’ve been reading the interview he gave in this month’s Tate magazine and came across this: “..the minute I make the first move with the brush, I have to make a decision either to refer to the drawings I’ve been working on, or to start having a more direct discussion with what’s in front of me.  At first I work with photos or sketches….and after a while, this thing starts to talk back….this thing starts to make firm demands, and you start to risk losing your original plan.”  Later, he refers to “that point where the material starts to do things for you…”.  So there it is again; over and over, from figurative as well as abstract painters, that idea of the painting doing itself through the painter.  Ofili puts it in such a way, though, that you don’t immediately reject it as pseudo-mystical, New Age crap.  Not immediately.

Perspective and foreshortening

Doing this last week at life drawing, I was struck again by how huge those close sheep are (or in this case, feet); it’s always a surprise.  I was most struck (stricken?) however, years ago, copying an equestrian statue from the rear, by the size of the horse’s arse.  Funny though, how in the Caravaggio below, the right hand of the gesturing man is the same size as his left, which being towards us, should be much bigger – but yet, it doesn’t look wrong.


Here’s my latest, in which foreshortening is not an issue.



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