Blackpaint 690 – Marion Elma Jones

I haven’t posted for over a month, the reason being that my lovely wife and partner of 47 years, Marion, died in St George’s Hospital Tooting on 5th July, after more than three years battling multiple myeloma (cancer of the bone marrow). I use the word “battling” in full knowledge that it is now unfashionable to portray illness as a battle, as it “discriminates” against those who wish to come to terms – in her case it is the only accurate word to use. In the end, it was an opportunistic infection that killed her; sepsis, resulting from a failing immune system.

Consequently, this edition of Blackpaint’s Blog is devoted to the work of Marion Jones, a fabulous painter of fabulous abstracts, an inspiring art teacher and all-round beautiful human being. She was 68 years old.

Marion’s work bench, as she left it.

Last work on the easel.

Marion thought her work should speak for itself so I’ll offer no attempt at explication or analysis, beyond it’s about layers, the rough with the smooth, strong images and strong colour. I sometimes described her work geometrical and she’d go incandescent. “It is NOT geometric!!” “But there’s lots of triangles and squares and straight lines…” “It has nothing to DO with geometry, for god’s sake…” and so on. I’m a slow learner.

ANYhow, I want to publish, finally. Sorry that some images are blurred, but they’re enlargements of old photos. Goodbye my love.

9 Responses to “Blackpaint 690 – Marion Elma Jones”

  1. Andy Says:

    My condolences to you and your and her family. Her work lives on.

  2. blackpaint Says:

    Many thanks Andy. I felt I couldn’t let her pass without some sort of tribute, even a wholly inadequate one like this (haven’t quite mastered the new software yet.) Still, the paintings and the photos tell the story, even though some are blurred,,,

  3. Penny Says:

    Lovely way to remember the force of being that was Marion Elma Jones and yes Myeloma was and is a battle whatever anyone says and she fought bravely.
    Hope the boys are supporting you Chris.

    • blackpaint Says:

      Thanks Penny, hoped you would approve. “Force of being” is just about right I think. The boys are a source of great support: haven’t seen so much of them for years. All the best to you in your own battle – win it, for the both of you.

      • Penny Says:

        I’d rather share the battle with her but I intend to give it my best shot and will enjoy reading your blog over the months to come. We keep on going

  4. Dave Eva Says:

    Dear Chris, we’ve just caught up with this. We’re shocked and saddened to read about Marion. So sorry for your loss. Her work remains on our walls. Best wishes, Dave and Wendy.

    • blackpaint Says:

      Thanks Dave and Wendy- Although Marion had been ill with myeloma for several years, her death still came as a shock to us – she was on a trial drug that seemed to be producing promising results; but then along came the sepsis. She died from a minor infection, with no immune system to fight it. Hope to see you some time when Open House and Urban Art decide to go again.

  5. Mr K Mandry Says:

    I’ve been rather remiss at following your blog this year, and so have only just seen this. The worst news – I’m so sorry.

    • blackpaint Says:

      Hi Kevin – thanks. Eight weeks ago now, still raw. Should have seen it coming but we both turned away from it. How’s the writing coming? Look forward to seeing you when Open House starts again; in the meantime, Marion and I have our last joint exhibition at Sprout, 28th Sept – 9th October; drop in if you can. Best Wishes, Chris

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