About Blackpaint.

I am a painter based in London.  I mostly do abstract paintings in acrylics, although I sometimes use charcoal, oil pastel and occasionally watercolour.  I blog about the process of painting, artists, exhibitions (I go to a lot), sometimes films, often music.  I’m Blackpaint because I use a lot – I like a big dramatic slash of black – it often resolves a problem.

As you can see from the blog, I’m a big fan of the Abstract Impressionists and the St.Ives artists – but I go to see as much as possible and am prepared to offer trite comments about any form of art.  The less I know about it the better, I think – it’s the function of bloggers to make uninformed and prejudiced comment and for pro reviewers to do “proper” analysis.  More to come when I can.  Read on, please.


46 Responses to “About Blackpaint.”

  1. ReadersHeaven Says:

    Hi, nice to meet you !

  2. 2010 in review « Blackpaint's Blog Says:

    […] About Blackpaint. November 2009 2 comments 5 […]

  3. Donald Frazell Says:

    Not bad, not bad at all.

  4. Dave Says:

    very impressive..these paintings work on many levels..looking forward to reading your thoughts soon when I have a bit more time

  5. Peter Reginato Says:

    some how I ran into your blog ..great! Ill read more…Peter

  6. Frances-Ann Norton Says:

    loved your painting of st Blaise it has raw emotion, frantic mark making . I like your use of colours.

  7. blackpaint Says:

    Thanks Frances-Ann – much appreciated. Colours were Liquitex acrylics which my son bought me as a gift. I really like them, but they’ve run out so back to the oils for now. Keep reading!

  8. wisdom oton Says:

    its quite interesting, i love it.

  9. blackpaint Says:

    Thanks for that, Wisdom, please keep reading!

  10. Chris Kenny Says:

    happened upon you and enjoy your writing

  11. eva Says:

    Me gusta mucho su pintura. Utiliza colores vivos, trasmiten energia

  12. nancycolepace Says:

    Your painting and blogging work move me on many levels! Thank you for sharing your gifts…. I will return to read more of your blog asap…. 🙂 Nancy

  13. emailchas@yahoo.com Says:

    Rufus 2 by Blackpaint — was interested if it was for sale??

  14. David Says:

    Stumbled upon one of your abstract paintings while researching Keith Vaughan images this evening and like it a lot. Also like your writing – very refreshing!

  15. Roni wilkins Says:

    Don’t know how I found this……but glad I did….

  16. wisdom Oton Says:

    That’s cool, am a modern Artist and i really love this.

  17. blackpaint Says:

    thanks wisdom – please read on!

  18. veronica wieners Says:

    do you sell your work via another website or are you represented by a gallery local to you?

  19. Janet Says:

    Enjoying looking at your work – I am at present a little stuck with my own work one of those dong a process involved in a habit of ways from the past but falling for a few parts of the whole – just step out into a new way is what I want to need to do – treading water

  20. Pierre Gaborieau Says:

    We enjoy every day your painting in our house. we will visit you as soon as we come back to see charlotte and steve paxton.
    best regards

  21. Lyndsey Keeling Says:

    Just come upon your blog, it’s great!

  22. Sarah Wyld Says:

    Lovely blog. Good luck with the Sprout show. I hope you manage to unload some of your squillions of paintings! I’ve moved to the coast, near Margate. Come visit me when you go to Turner Contemporary.

  23. blackpaint Says:

    Thanks Sarah. Some gone, but not enough yet! we will definitely come visit…but where, exactly?

  24. Sarah Wyld Says:

    We’re getting a place in Westgate-on-Sea, 1.5miles west of Margate – But not completed yet, meanwhile renting in Ramsgate. When we’re there I’ll let you know. Can you email me your email? sarahwyld3@gmail.com.

  25. blackpaint Says:

    Will do.

  26. Poppy Pearce Says:

    Hi there, you might be interested in the William Gear centenary exhibition at The Redfern Gallery in Cork Street, London. Do pop in and say hi! Poppy (Gallery Assistant at The Redfern Gallery)

  27. blackpaint Says:

    Hi Poppy, nice to hear from you. Big fan of William Gear (of course) and I will certainly drop in.

  28. Poppy Pearce Says:

    Hello, thanks for popping in! Look forward to seeing you again when the Gear Exhibition is up! (send me your address to galleryassistant@redfern-gallery.com and I’ll try and get a catalogue to you through the post!) Poppy (Gallery Assistant at The Redfern Gallery)

  29. blackpaint Says:

    Hi Poppy, nice to meet you. I was pleased to see the Neil Stokoe show and looking forward to Gear.
    Chris Lessware (Blackpaint)

  30. Jake Says:

    What if I want to buy one of your paintings?

  31. Eliza John Says:

    I have been following your blog for some time now and also enjoy your own work. You seem to visit the very same exhibitions as me. I would like to know your artist’s name and if you exhibit your work. I am a painter and have a pinterest account you might like to take a look at. Eliza John

    • blackpaint Says:

      Hi Eliza- Glad to hear you like the blog. My real name is Chris Lessware and you can find my work on clikpik, Artbridge, Saatchi and Little Van Gogh. I also exhibit every year at Urban Art in Brixton, Sprout Gallery in Furzedown and Wandsworth Open House. I’ll certainly be taking a look at your work. Meanwhile, thanks for the kind comments and please keep reading! Blackpaint.

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