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Blackpaint 163

July 6, 2010


The Taschen says that Mick’s St. Paul statue is a self portrait, citing the “broken nose” (given to Mick by fellow sculptor Torrigiani).  Can’t see it myself; if the famous portrait of M by Jacopo del Conte is a close resemblance, and it appears to chime with the St. Bartholomew skin self portrait and others, the St.Paul statue looks nothing like him.  I reckon my candidate is a better bet (the man in the background of the cartoon in the British Museum).  Having said that, it’s still a brilliant book.

You know when you’re flicking through an old catalogue and something just makes you catch your breath and think you’d like to see a gallery full of this person’s pictures right now – I’ve had that experience today with two artists who happen to be on opposite pages of a Christie’s catalogue, from 1989.  They are

Marie Elena Vieira da Silva b. 1908, “Le Monte Charge”, and

Jean-Paul Riopelle b.1932, “Retrecit de L’Ile”.

The da Silva is blue-grey and black blocks with buff and white traces, that looks pretty much like a harbour full of grey water from a plane.  The Riopelle is wilder, a much more fractured surface made up of what look like dabs of thick paint with a square brush – but it’s still got that harbour thing going.  Both of them seem to stick – or have stuck – to a similar formula for most of their works; sort of echoes of de Stael again with variations; that was one influential artist.

I’ve noticed their work before; I would guess that da Silva was Portuguese and Riopelle I came across in the Joan Mitchell book – he was her partner in France for some years.  I think the reason I’ve not mentioned them before is that their names are difficult – pathetic, eh?

Another painter in the same catalogue is Peter Bruning; two more breath-catching pictures, called – wait for it; No.2 and No.49.  You can see Damien Hirst’s point about these artists who do hundreds of Untitled’s or just do numbers and dates – it might be a point of principle but it’s really irritating.  Give it a proper name!  Doesn’t have to have anything to do with what it looks like, but it helps punters and bloggers to remember it.

Anyway, I strongly advise the reader to look these painters up on Google and do her/himself a visual favour.  Here’s one of mine in the meantime –

Listening to Bill Evans Town Hall Concert, Turn Out the Stars.