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Blackpaint 282

June 27, 2011

L’Age d’Or

Interesting that the most shocking transgression committed by Gaston Modot is not kicking the blind man, slapping the mother, drooling over the pictures, kicking the dog.. but stamping on the beetle, presumably because that was a real death, but also because of our 21st century environmental consciences.  I remember cutting wood lice in half with a trowel as a child and feeling no pangs of guilt.

So much going on in that film that I actually missed the peasants driving a huge coach through the ballroom; just didn’t notice them.  I DID, however, notice the shadow of the airship over St Peters Square – presumably, the one from which that sequence was filmed.

Sofia War Memorial

I thought the “vandalism” of the war memorial in Bulgaria (one soldier, brandishing a pistol, was given a painted Superman suit, another a Father Christmas robe and a third, what appeared to be a clown outfit) looked great;  I suppose it was the way the Superman suit matched the heroic pose.  I suppose I would have been outraged if I was a descendant or relative of a soldier killed in the “liberation” of Bulgaria in WW2 – war memorials, official government ones anyway, are political, however, in the sense that they can carry messages beyond simple respect for the dead, especially in Eastern Europe.  The artists were probably attacking the government rather than the war dead – if there was an intended political dimension at all.  There may not have been; artists are supposed to outrage opinion – it’s part of the job; and a war memorial will do it, that’s for sure.

Turtle Burners Prize

Went to see this at the National Portrait Gallery; some stunningly good and all hugely competent, but nothing much to catch the eye in the use of paint.  Sleek, dead surfaces – or “good paintings”, as they are known to those who like paintings to be photographic likenesses (note of twisted bitterness from failed abstract dauber).  Standouts were “To be human” by Ian Cumberland and the lovely one of Lauren in her graduation dress – beautiful drapes and folds – with the dog, by ??? sorry, didn’t have a pen to take note.

Other statuary is a different matter.  I admire Churchill hugely, and was delighted to see the Mohican he acquired in the riot – he looked good in it, I thought.

Mike Waterson 

Was only playing the Early Watersons CD yesterday – then read today that Mike was dead; only 70.