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Blackpaint 155

June 20, 2010

Godfather 3 and Capello

Watching this last night, saw Al Pacino do the soundless Bacon scream in response to his daughter’s death (on the steps, of course, like the woman in Potemkin, one of Bacon’s inspirations);  I wonder if that was his idea or Coppola’s.

Maybe its the similar names which led me to think of Fabio Capello.  He is like a Bacon character, with the tight suit, the dark glasses,  the strutting, the gestures, scowling, sneering and screaming – after all, Bacon did (I mean painted) sport ; cricket, boxing and cycling, was it?  He did a painting of George Dyer on a bicycle, but I don’t think that counts as sport.


So, first Pontus and Isabel leave him, and now Katarina has gone to Stockholm.  In the last episode, Kurt appeared to up sticks and pursue her to the big city, but it is imperative that he returns, empty-handed.  Wallander must never find true love and company; he is too important a symbol of absolut, lonely goodness.  Interestingly, with the exception of the weak Katarina, he is surrounded by quietly decent people; Svartman, Martinssohn and above all, the incredible Nyborg – best moment tonight, the awkward hug Nyborg gave Kurt after the bomb explosion and Kurt’s reciprocal motionlessness and bemusement.  How could Kenneth Branagh, great actor in his own right, possibly be Wallander?  Far too openly emotional – you must be like a clam; curt Kurt.

The best on TV, along with the Review Show, Neighbours and Holby City.

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