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Blackpaint 66

February 13, 2010

Art and Pain

Very short tonight.  Couldn’t sleep last night – Achilles tendon problem, like someone stabbing me in the back of the ankle every 90 seconds, tends to wake you up.  About 3.30am, sent me downstairs and half unconscious, started to paint – and the pain stopped immediately.  Painted black and chromium yellow, Prussian blue, white and grey, chucking great gouts of the colours on and squirling them about, then scratching and scoring with the edge of a card, scooping off excess paint like butter and splatching it down and scraping it in some other place.

After maybe 2 hours of this, the canvas was covered and I crawled upstairs again – and the stabbing in my left ankle started again.  or maybe fire, or electric shock – jerks my leg around.

So, no sleep; to life drawing and torture when not actually scrawling with charcoal (or white chalk on black paper, like today.  so the physical process of painting or drawing actually stops the pain; pity it doesn’t guarantee the results are any good. 

Sewell in the Standard

Brian Sewell reviewed the Gorky in the Standard yesterday – clear that he’s not keen on Pollock or de Kooning (looke to Gorky as a mentor) – he describes them as “rough and ready”.  More comment tomorrow, if the burning stops.

Listened to BBC4, the Old Grey Whistle Test, 1977, Ry Cooder with Flaco Jimenez on accordian, Bobby and Eldridge King and Terry Evans on “backing vocals” – just the best live non – classical music I’ve heard for…..

“If you aint got the do re mi friend, if you aint got the do re mi,

You better go back to beautiful Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Georgia, Tennessee-

California’s a Garden of Eden, a paradise to live in or see,

But believe it or not, you won’t find it so hot,

If you aint got the do re mi”.  (Woody Guthrie – of course).


Saturday night (late)