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Blackpaint 201

October 1, 2010


Review of the new exhibition at Tate Modern by Adrian Searle in Guardian this week said Gauguin had re-emerged in the work of Peter Doig and Chris Ofili.  Hadn’t thought of this before, but he’s right, in my view.  Easy to see why Ofili, the relocation to Trinidad, the choice of local subject matter, even the use of colour – the central picture in the Guardian article is suffused with a shade of mauve reminiscent of Ofili’s latest work (at least, the work exhibited recently at the other London Tate).

Why Doig?  his paintings, after all, are usually enigmas, in a way that Gauguin’s are not, or are not intended to be.  I suppose it’s simply that sometimes they resemble one another in their use of tropical location, colours and configuration.

He also mentions Tuymans – have to think about that one!


He uses the word “schwandel” or “schwendel” when discussing red paintings in “Painters painting” in a manner which suggests he thinks it would be  a familiar term to viewers; what is he talking about?  Is this a term in frequent use in the art world? 

Grown up Politics

I know it’s nothing to do with art, but I have now heard or seen this term used not only by the insufferable prick of a Lib Dem MP (see Blackpaint 197) but Toby Young on TV and Polly Toynbee in the Guardian.  Another phrase which seems to have spread like germs on a toilet door handle is “wriggle room”, sometimes delivered as “wiggle room”.


Tomorrow.  Haven’t done the titles or prices yet – panic!  Closing now…

Blackpaint – Old one

Listening to Richard Thompson, Vincent Black Lightning 1952

“I see angels and Ariels in leather and chrome,

Swinging down from heaven to carry me home,”

And he gave her one last kiss and died –

And he gave her his Vincent to ride.”


October 1st

Blackpaint 85

March 12, 2010

Whitechapel Gallery (cont.)

Forgot to mention two short films running at above: first one by Charly Nijensohn, “The Dead Forest (Storm)” (2009) shows a male figure standing upright in a punt in a flooded forest of tall, leafless trees, as driving rain descends in the film and on soundtrack.  It reminded me of Frankenstein on the ice-floe, or maybe a Doig canoe – also a hint of the bayou in “Southern Comfort”.  To do with the destruction of the Amazon rain forest, apparently.

The second one was by Nova Paul, a native New Zealand artist, consisted of scenes of flats and gardens and people going about their business, shot through bright, pastel-coloured filters that were slightly out of sync., with some figures appearing like ghosts mixed in with the others and also doing  ordinary, mundane things; playing with children, kids on a trampoline, etc.  Very beautiful, but at ten minutes,maybe five minutes too long.  It was entitled “Pink and White Terraces”.


Doing perspective drawing again at life classes this week.  For those baffled by the reference to sheep when I last mentioned this – it should have been cows.  Clear now? Good.

Listening to “Beeswing” by Richard Thompson.

“They say her flower is faded now, hard weather and hard booze,

But maybe it’s just the price you pay for the chains you refuse…”