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Blackpaint 82

March 7, 2010

Michelangelo drawings

I was gratified to read in the Guardian on Saturday that some chap reviewing the Courtauld exhibition agreed with me (although doubtless he doesn’t know it) that these drawings are a bit too “finished”, too perfect.  He preferred, as I do, the Crucifixion in the adjacent room; much more sketchy, rougher, harder emotional charge.  I think the “presentation drawings” are the equivalent of the most perfect box of chocolates and Valentine card in history.

Marlene Dumas

The more I see of her stuff, the more I think she is the most interesting figurative painter working today.  Something about the smeary quality of the paint, the livid colours, her vision is sort of horrific to me and yet salty, punchy.. just great.  Go to Google and look at her stuff.. but not before you’ve checked mine, below.

Listening to “The Road Goes on Forever, by Robert Earl Keen.

“She stepped out in the alley with a single-shot .410;

The road goes on forever and the party never ends.”


Sunday night