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Blackpaint 507 – No Words, All Pictures

August 13, 2015


Theodor Roussel, “Reading Girl” (Tate Britain)

The Reading Girl 1886-7 Théodore Roussel 1847-1926 Presented by Mrs Walter Herriot and Miss R. Herriot in memory of the artist 1927

Fascinating painting – what’s she reading? – but surely something wrong in the neck area…

Anyway, I’m off to Helsinki tomorrow to run the marathon on Saturday, so I’m just going to bung a few of my old pictures up and call it a blog.

red and blue on ochre 1


Blue and Red Lines

john the conqueror root

John the Conqueror Root


work in prog 1


Blue Crouch

Blue Crouch

water engine 2a

Water Engine 2


Standing Model



black prints

And this is the new one – Black Prints

Proper blog with words next week.